Mark D.

Four years after my search begun and three real estate agents late, I finally was introduced to Dan through a friend. Within three weeks of meeting him, I was in contract to buy a place — and got it even through it was a multiple bid situation.

I moved to Bay Area several years ago. Back home, I am connected with many family friends who are real estate agents. I trust them , and i know that they will do their best for me. In California, I struggled to find someone who came even close to this until I met Dan.

What makes Dan different? Well, first off, he gives NO pressure at all. Each of the previous real estate agents were pressuring me into buying places that had significant flaws and didn’t offer any insight into the property beyond what was available on redfin, mls or cleanoffer. Dan, on  the other hand, knew the inside scoop on every building. His passion for real estate is very clear. Dan knows every real estate agent he encounters very well. He makes sure that the transactions goes smoothly.

Despite looking for a place for so long, the whole real estate transaction remained very mysterious to me. Dan walked me through every step of the way and made sure i knew exactly what was happening

It is kind of ironic that with such a low-stress, low-pressure agent, i bought a place so rapidly. It’s also ironic that I ended up buying a place that was almost the opposite of what I had started out looking for, but it is exactly what I want. Dan’s patience and ability to listen allows him to fine-tune your search and show you amazing properties that you never would have considered in the first place.

I can’t just say I highly recommend that you work with Dan instead, I’ll say you’re a fool if you work with anyone else

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