I don’t give 5-star reviews because I think that people can always improve. Not Dan. He was exceptional at every step of the way. We were introduced through a colleague who has bought and sold 2 places with him at the wheel. Though we were in touch a little too early and we went silent on him a few times, he has never frustrated or annoyed. He worked on our timeline, and when we said Go, he WENT! He quickly learned what we wanted and needed, and once he had that down, never showed us anything that was not exactly within our parameters. Then came the call: ” Claire, its is a little further west than you wanted to go but it has everything you guys want, and I think you will want this. Would you like to see it?” we did and he was right. In fact, our bias for the East was for biking purposes, and this is ON the Wiggle. So, we put down an offer based on his recommendations and a day later were in contract. It was so easy and we never could have done it without Dan.

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