This is long overdue as I closed on my first home in September of 2007 with the great assistance of Dan. A first time home buyer who tends to exhibit A-type traits, I know good customer service when I get it. I was placed in Dan’s hands when my realtor left CB. With Dan, no question was stupid, my own efforts were never wasted and a heartfelt “Come to Jesus” talk about what i wanted in a place really stuck a chord with me. He was by my side during a bidding war I lost where afterwards he promised I would find something better. Sure enough he found me a place that even this weekend I marvelled at the fact that it is mine. I am proud that he is part of the “team” I have assembled

Bottom line: Professionals, courteous, he knows the city, he knows the neighborhoods and my good fortune is that he knows and respected by his fellow raltords. Thank you DAN!!

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